« On the Edge »
Exposition au Korundi Art Museum à Rovaniemi en Finlande
à l’occasion du 49ème congrès de l’Académie Internationale de Céramique (AIC) qui se tiendra du 27 au 31 juillet 2020. Oeuvre réalisée sur la thématique,  retenue sur concours par l’association swissceramics.


Have we (fully) eaten up the earth ?

The thin and fragile porcelain, deformed during the firing process, displays an iconography narrating the outrageous exploitation of natural resources (mining, extraction of oil and gas, deforestation) and the disappearance of livable conditions for humanity.
Has the consumer society, in its will for an endless growth, swallowed up precious resources to the last drop ?
The two images* confront us with our responsibility; facing the planet screaming from exhaustion and communities impacted until their extinction.
Is humanity on the edge of collapse ?


*Carlo Reguzzi, Ti-Press
*Red Lion / Voices from Chernobyl, directed by Pol Cruchten, cinematography Jerzy Palacz